»Historical highlight – changeover concert at the International Bach Academy Stuttgart«

An emotional moment – meeting and role model
2013-08-24 | 19:00
Gächinger Cantorei &  Bach-Collegie Stuttgart
Helmut Rilling   Conductor (BWV147)
Hans-Christoph Rademann   Conductor (BWV 34) 
Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata » Heart and mouth and deed and life« (BWV 147)
Cantata »O eternal fire, o source of love« (BWV 34)
Johann Sebastian Bach shows himself in his compositions as being a supranational thinker. Helmuth Rilling has achieved musical unions of nations across the world with Bach’s compositions.
“Meeting” the 80 year old Helmuth Rilling means for me being allowed to listen to one of the greatest educators, intermediaries and ambassadors for the works of Bach. I compare him symbolically to a “treasure chest” because of the knowledge he has acquired in over 60 years of activity  with Bach’s works. Since the foundation of the Bach Academy in Stuttgart in 1981 he has inspired and accomplished a great deal. As well as numerous performances, courses, academy foundation initiatives throughout the world, he has also helped in international understanding through his musical actions. He is “infused” with Bach’s religious music and shows it in all its facets. For instance, by giving the completion of Schubert’s  fragment „Lazarus“ quite consciously to the Russian composer Edisson Denissow  (1929-1996).This task gave Denissow new courage to face life after a serious car accident. Helmuth Rilling‘s »treasure chest« is also filled with values that make him to one of my role models.
Hans-Christoph Rademann now takes over this important life’s work. The president of Germany, Joachim Gauck, gave a very personal commemorative speech and gave a fitting tribute to the changeover. The concert ended with a »standing ovation«. The Bach Academy had once again »moved« the audience. Hans-Christoph Rademann arouses one’s »curiosity«. I thank Helmuth Rilling  with great reverence that he created a musical life’s work so that many young musicians from all over the world could study Bach’s works together. This was a greatly influential time also for me. I am delighted that this international active musical institution will continue.