»30 years Southern Germany Champer Symphony«

Magical performances – an orchestra with an impressive sound
In 2010 when I heard the project orchestra for the first time during an open air concert at Schlosshof Sachsenheim the extraordinary timbre of the orchestra immediately attracted my attention. The descriptive interpretations also impressed me and I knew immediately that I wanted to work one day with this conductor. Peter Wallinger, a student of Sergiu Celibidache, founded the orchestra in 1984 with much idealism and has been conducting it highly motivated and imaginatively for the past 30 years.
Soon after the orchestra gave concerts with distinguished soloists. The SWR broadcasting company produced programs with the Southern German Chamber Symphony. First-class musical events such as the “summer of music” festival, the »Mühlacker Concerto« series and also student concerts are on the program every year. The Southern German Chamber Symphony consists of a project orchestra combining professional musicians from 13 countries, the Lotus String quartet amongst others. The orchestra is also staffed with professional young musicians – another distinctive feature and a valuable exchange of experiences between young and old. Peter Wallinger is not only a conductor but also an experienced educationalist.
I have become an absolute fan of the orchestra and also of Peter Wallinger. And the concerts at which I played under his conductorship in the Church of Our Lady in Lienzinger on the occasion of the „summer of music“ festival are always a magical experience. The wooden interior of the Holy Mary Pilgrimage Church dating from the 15th Century enables a subtle tone formation to be an unforgettable sound experience. No resonation, no long settling just pure plastic sounds.
Congratulations on your anniversary in 2013!