Maximilian Schairer impresses with his extraordinary artistic maturity and profound musical knowledge Press, professors and the public amongst others
»Musical brilliance on the Buga stage“... Afterwards, another highlight awaited the audience: the experienced „Young Steinway Artist“ Maximilian Schairer brilliantly proved his „extraordinary artistic maturity“ and „deep musical understanding“, as announced in the programme. He impressed the audience with his interpretation of Chopin‘s „Ballade No. 4 in f minor op. 52“ in such a powerful way that he received standing ovations. With W. A. Mozart‘s demanding „Piano Concerto No. 20 in d minor KV 466“, the pianist and the JSO showed just as much their oustanding musical quality.«
Heilbronner Stimme
»Stuttgart Phiharmonics with rapid romanticism - Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and pianist Maximilian Schairer play Hummel‘s third piano concerto - The Stuttgart Philharmonics again shined a concert diamond beyond the mainstream repertoire. With pianist Maximilian Schairer, Johann Nepomuk Hummel‘s third piano concert became a celebration of silvery pace, exquisit lyric and forest-dark romanticism. Also magnificent: symphonic works by Schubert and Beethoven conducted by Jan Willem de Vriend.«
Esslinger newspaper
»The music breathes, speaks and sings - Maximilian Schairer and the Junge Süddeutsche Philharmonie Esslingen inspire the audience with enthusiasm and high level ... Schairer appears wonderfully lyrical, with virtuosic confidence. Schairer has a nice round tone, it is noticeable how many nuances he uses in the quiet areas... the performance captivates with great color richness, the music breathes, speaks and sings. In the slow movement prevail cheerfulness and relaxation. In contrast, there is a passionately troubled middle section with extended chord breaks by Schairer. The final movement trumps with a lot of drive and vibrant energy. Here, too, the cadenzas are a platform for the musical expressiveness of Maximilian Schairer. At the end, thanksgiving joy breaks out in the audience.«
Winnender newspaper
»With a lot of imagination - brilliant concert ... personal style ... creates new access to the audience ... wonderfully varied timbres and nuances... that brings happiness ... courageous, thoughtful, virtuosity in the service of the musical statement. Bravo! ... In Beethoven's Sonata in C sharp minor op. 27 no. 2 "Sonata quasi una fantasia", Schairer's very personal style became apparent. He interpreted with thoughtful dramaturgy. Through deliberate decisions, he let the structures of melodies and back voices stand out over a flat accompaniment, thus creating a new access to the listener. ... In Scriabin's Sonata op. 19, Maximilian Schairer interpreted wonderfully shimmering plastic shades, quiet ripples, thunderous roars of the sea, and with varied sound-colors found a great narrative going beyond mere depiction of nature. In Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu, he plays with an orchestral full tone, clearly audible progressions in the middle parts and in the bass. This brings happiness. ... In theChopin's Piano Sonata in B minor, op. 58, Schairer lets dramatic experiences roar in order to dissolve them, as if in a dream, in a conciliatory way. Effortless, brilliantly fast, he plays the virtuosic finale of the sonata. Maximilian Schairer plays courageously, thoughtfully and puts his virtuosity at the service of the musical statement. Bravo! «
Volksstimme Hanseatic City of Stendal
»Rousing – expressive – high-level skills with a lively creative power...«
Mühlacker daily paper
»With inspiring stunner – rich in contrast and breathtaking...«
Pforzheim daily paper
»With sensibility and a sense for sound Maximilian Schairer is far ahead of his age – he cultivates the foundation of his playing. We hear this and are amazed. Technically Maximilian Schairer commands all the pianistic tough bits with aplomb. He traces the notes into the finest nuances and can even bring pleasure to that so often played but mystical genial opening movement of “Moonlight sonata” for his audience. And this without any provokingly different playing…In the A-Minor sonata from Franz Schubert Maximilian Schairer carves out the opposites and abrupt mood swings between despair and protest, soft consolation and endless love with accuracy and excellent taste. And he lets the particular Schubert-tone - hover over all of this...«
Stuttgart daily paper
»Maximilian Schairer - a highly talented musician, who has attracted our attention in the past few years who showed his incomparable skill«
Mühlacker daily paper
»You should make a note of the name Maximilian Schairer now«
Mühlacker daily paper
»His strong, clear bass notes, the glittering high notes, the fine patient sung-out cantilenas are incredible. And the ability to distinguish important harmonies graphically and also sensitively out of the meshwork. Maximilian Schairer savoured the playful pauses of the downright comical final rondo as well as dabbing the finishing note. If you could only hear this boy playing with this technical dexterity you would imagine a mature adult sitting in front of the keys...«
Stuttgart newspaper
»Maximilian Schairer created clear structures in the prelude and fugue c sharp minor with a careful beat. He presented themes chasing one another with technical brilliance and caused even the smallest motifs to glow. He leafed through the themes of the fugue like a picture book. With the same, for a thirteen year old astonishing, artistic maturity he worked the instrumentally leading elements out of the thunderous sea of sounds in Chopin’s Etude op. 25 G minor…«
Esslingen newspaper
»It seems as though a new virtuoso is maturing...«
Mühlacker daily paper
»His unsophistication, coupled with technical ability and a amazing maturity was the absolute highlight of this event…«
Böblingen daily newspaper, culture section
»Maximilian Schairer- is a young master of the piano whose playing of Mozart and Moszowski was technically adapt and musically impressive...«
Böblingen daily newspaper, culture section