Southwest Press, Bietigheim newspaper, 04.10.2019

»Even Haydn would smile ... The Stuttgart Philharmonic under star conductor Dan Ettinger and the exposed young pianist Maximilian Schairer inspire in the Bietigheim Kronenzentrum. The unfortunate circumstance that pianist and star conductor Dan Ettinger of the Stuttgart Philharmonic is injured in his hand brings the exceptional young pianist Maximilian Schairer to the piano in the Bietigheim Kronenzentrum on Wednesday evening. The Bietigheim concert hall is almost bursting at the seams. This combination attracts not only the subscription audience. A radiant young man conquers the Bietigheim audience in the Kronensaal on Wednesday evening, like the Wandersbursch conquered the Mühlental in the Romantic period. Maximilian Schairer manages to make his listeners hold their breath with music from the pen of Josef Haydn. He plays with heart, fills the room with his sensitive interpretation, without slipping into kitsch for a second. He has a sense for multi-faceted playfulness and massages his joyful attitude towards life into the keys. Haydn himself would smile ... a carpet of timbres ... Maximilian Schairer made his debut with the Stuttgart Philharmonic in May of this year with Hummel. So he was very close when Dan Ettinger, the internationally sought-after conductor, needed a replacement without further ado. Schairer is much more than that - a musician with a great personality coloring even at a young age - conjures up a carpet of timbres on the keys. Dexterity is a natural tool of the trade. Schairer, tall, blond and self-confident, smiles disarmingly to his listeners, takes his time for each melody line and for each new summit storm. It is a pleasure to watch him savour and interpret the emotional steepness of the Haydn concerto. Dan Ettinger and the young Schairer are an explosive combination, each a great one, and both together exceed all expectations through their personal interpretation of the score. Here is life on stage. There are no musical marathons here, as is so often the case with tempo chasers ... Both Dan Ettinger and the young Maximilian Schairer are internationally renowned high-carat athletes. Since the 2015/16 season, Dan Ettinger has been, among other things, chief conductor of the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and general music director of the state capital. He is at home in opera houses and concert halls in the world's metropolises Berlin, NY and Amsterdam. Maximilian Schairer played his way into the hearts of audiences with the virtuoso and romantic Piano Concerto in B Minor by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, opening the doors to established orchestras such as the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra ...«