Stuttgarter newspaper + Stuttgarter newspaper Culture Report + Stuttgarter News + Stuttgarter Philharmonik Press News, 03.10.2019

»He's doing it left-handed... Chief conductor Dan Ettinger opens the new season despite a serious injury on his right hand. In the concert of the Stuttgart Philharmonic Dan Ettinger conducts Bruckner's 4th Symphony "Romantic". Maximilian Schairer, who has already enthralled the Philharmonic audience with the highly virtuoso Hummel Concerto No. 3, steps in at short notice for Haydn's Piano Concerto in D Major that was originally planned with him as soloist. Dan Ettinger is happy that the young pianist can take over this part for him. With Haydn, everything is in it, says Ettinger: wit and humor up to sarcasm. His music is classical and at the same time incredibly modern in expression, and that is exactly what is so difficult ... The solo part of Haydn's D Major Piano Concerto, which Ettinger actually wanted to play himself, is in good hands with the young Maximilian Schairer, who was engaged at short notice. ... «